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    Finasteride tablets (generic Propecia)

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      About Finasteride

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      How does Finasteride work?

      The active ingredient in Finasteride (finasteride) blocks the action of an enzyme that converts the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the hormone that causes male hair loss.

      By reducing the amount of DHT affecting follicles in the scalp, Finasteride helps to halt hair loss and, in some cases, reverse hair loss.

      Finasteride only stimulates hair growth on the head and will not cause hair to grow elsewhere on the body.

      How effective is Finasteride?

      For most men, Finasteride takes 3-6 months of daily use to show effects. Read our article to find a timeline of Finasteride results. The active ingredient (finasteride) has been shown to be effective in preventing hair loss in men in 9 out of 10 cases. In some cases, men experience hair regrowth.

      If you stop taking Finasteride, your hair loss will return. Finasteride is most effective in men with mild to moderate hair loss on the top of their head caused by male pattern baldness. There is little evidence that it is effective in reversing a receding hairline.

      Finasteride will not work faster or better if you take more that 1 tablet a day.

      Does Finasteride work in all men?

      Like with most medications, certain treatments may work for some people and not for others. A study into hair loss has found that taking Finasteride halts hair loss for 83% of men, and that over 2 years 66% of men will see regrowth. Another study found that over 5 years, continuous usage of Finasteride can help halt hair loss for as many as 90% of men

      How do I take Finasteride?

      Take 1 tablet of Finasteride each day. Can be taken with or without food.

      You must continue to take Finasteride for the treatment to work.

      What's the dosage for Finasteride?

      The Finasteride dosage is 1mg tablet taken daily.

      How long should I take Finasteride for?

      You will need to continue with your treatment for as long as you would like to slow your hair loss. Once you stop taking Finasteride your hair loss will continue. 

      How long does it take to see the results of Finasteride?

      Results won’t be instant. Generally you will need to take Finasteride daily for 3-6 months before you start to see any change in your hair loss. You should continue taking Finasteride for at least a year to confirm whether it is effective for you.

      What happens if you stop taking Finasteride?

      Even if you experience extremely positive results, with a slowing of hair loss and even hair regrowth, you must continue to take Finasteride to maintain the effect.

      Finasteride side effects

      Side effects of Finasteride are uncommon and usually mild.

      Sometimes Finasteride can cause a rash, reduced sex drive, low mood, erection problems or tenderness on or around the nipples. Very rarely, sexual side effects can be permanent and remain after stopping the medication.

      For full information on side effects and correct use, see the patient information leaflet. If any side effects concern you, contact us via your Patient Record.

      Does Finasteride cause depression?

      There have been very rare reports of depression associated with Finasteride. If you experience any of these symptoms stop taking Finasteride and contact your doctor for further medical advice as soon as possible.

      Can I buy Finasteride online?

      You can request and pay for a Finasteride prescription online. As Finasteride is a prescription only medication, even when using an online doctor, you will need a prescription before you buy Finasteride.  You should never buy Finasteride without a prescription from a regulated online doctor service with professionally qualified and registered clinicians.

      When using our service you will need to complete a hair loss consultation, and if suitable, one of our clinicians will prescribe the treatment. You can then pay for your prescription online.  

      What is the difference between Propecia and Finasteride?

      Propecia and Finasteride contain the same active ingredient and work in the same way to treat hair loss. Finasteride is simply the generic version of Propecia, meaning it can be a more cost effective alternative. 

      What can cause hair loss?

      Hair loss is relatively common and is usually nothing to worry about, but simply a part of ageing. Male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness is usually hereditary and permanent (although it can be slowed down with treatment). Other reasons for hair loss such as illness, stress, cancer treatment, weight loss or an iron deficiency are likely to cause temporary hair loss.

      Early signs of hair loss

      In most cases the signs of hair loss start with hair beginning to thin at the temples, known as a receding hairline. At the same time as this, hair thinning may occur in other areas of your head. Early signs of hair loss may mean your hair might become thin on the top of the head or you start developing a bald patch at the back of the head. The receding hair line and bald patches get bigger and join together, leaving a patch at the front.   

      Does Finasteride work in women with hair loss?

      Finasteride is for male hair loss only and is not suitable for women. Find out more about hair loss treatment for women.

      Safety: taking other medicines with Finasteride

      You should be able to take Finasteride alongside other medicines. However, it is important that you let us know which prescription, over-the-counter medicines and recreational drugs you are taking so that we can prescribe Finasteride safely.

      Alternative hair loss treatments

      We also offer Propecia in our hair loss clinic. However, this hair loss treatment contains the same dose of the same active ingredient (finasteride) as generic Finasteride. This means they work in the same way.

      Another hair loss treatment option is minoxidil (also sold branded as Regaine) which we also offer. A Finasteride alternative, you can buy Regaine on its own, or you can request it as part of a bundle with Finasteride. We also offer an over-the-counter hair loss treatment bundle which contains Sons minoxidil 5% solution, a DHT blocking shampoo and biotin capsules.

      Other alternative hair loss treatment includes a hair transplant, skin camouflage, makeup for hair loss and wigs or hairpieces. 

      Can Finasteride be used to treat anything else other than hair loss?

      Finasteride has other uses other than hair loss, it can be used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This is a condition caused by an enlarged prostate and can cause problems with urination (e.g. waking up at night to urinate, slow start and slow flow when urinating). The dose of Finasteride for prostate is 5mg, whereas for hair loss it’s 1mg.

      Important information about Finasteride

      If you forget to take Finasteride, take the next dose as soon as you remember. Do not take more than 1 tablet in 24 hours. Do not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten tablet. Find out more Finasteride information in our article


      If you’d like to order Finasteride again, you can go to your Patient Record and select ‘reorder’.

      Save 15% with a subscription

      If you’d like regular treatment, you can choose a subscription and save 15% off your consultation. 

      Free delivery of your treatment is included each month, and there’s no contract to worry about, you can cancel any time.   

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