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Asthma Preventers

Preventers help control your asthma before an attack happens and reduce the need for you to use reliever inhalers. You can order preventer inhalers though our online service, without having to see a doctor face to face. You will then be able to pick them up the same day from one of our pharmacies, or have them delivered to your door the following day.

About Asthma Preventers

Preventers are asthma inhalers used by people who need long-term asthmatic control. They are most effective when used twice a day, every day, although this may vary between individuals.

Preventers are not fast acting, so using them once in a while will not effectively treat your asthma. To get the best results from your medicine, use it every day (or as instructed by your doctor).

How asthma preventers work

Preventers help protect your lungs from asthma attacks by reducing inflammation.

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In addition to preventer inhalers, we also offer Ventolin, a reliever inhaler.

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