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    Information on Ventolin and other asthma relievers

    On this page
    1. What are Ventolin inhalers?
    2. How do Ventolin inhalers work, and should I get a preventer inhaler?
    3. How should I use my Ventolin inhaler?
    4. How effective is Ventolin?
    5. What are the side effects of Ventolin?
    6. Will Ventolin interact with other medicines?
    7. Are there other types of reliever inhaler?
    8. How we can help

    What are Ventolin inhalers?

    The Ventolin inhaler is a type of reliever used for the treatment of asthma. You can order Ventolin, a prescription only medicine that contains the bronchodilator salbutamol, from our clinic safely and securely.

    Ventolin inhalers are blue and come in the standard Evohaler shape. They can be used in conjunction with an Aerochamber.

    How do Ventolin inhalers work, and should I get a preventer inhaler?

    Salbutamol in a Ventolin inhaler works by opening up the airways in your lungs to allow you to breathe more easily. It stops symptoms of an asthma attack, such as wheezing, coughing and breathlessness.

    Ventolin inhalers provide temporary relief only. For a longer lasting effect, preventer inhalers should be used, especially if you need to use a Ventolin inhaler more than once a week. Preventers help to stop your airways from becoming inflamed in the first place.

    For those with mild, or occasional asthma, use of a reliever inhaler such as Ventolin will be sufficient to treat symptoms as and when they happen. However, if you tend to get symptoms more than once a week you should have a preventer inhaler to stop asthma attacks before they start. You should also bear in mind that preventers are only effective when used on a regular basis and should be taken every day, as prescribed.

    How should I use my Ventolin inhaler?

    You should take Ventolin when you have a flare up of asthma symptoms. Always use your Ventolin inhaler as advised by your regular doctor.

    If you are uncertain about the correct inhaler technique, ask your local pharmacist to demonstrate it to you or click here for a guide.

    How effective is Ventolin?

    Ventolin is very effective at relieving the symptoms of wheezing and breathlessness. It should be carried at all times in case you suffer an asthma attack.

    Having asthma does not need to stop you from living life as normal but you should be aware of how often it flares up. You should also try and adapt to certain environments to stop your symptoms from getting worse.

    If you have asthma and need to use your Ventolin inhaler more than twice a week, this may indicate that your symptoms are not well controlled and it may be that you require preventer inhalers. If this is the case, you should consult your regular doctor as soon as possible.

    If your breathlessness is severe please attend your local A&E department straight away. Severe asthma can be life-threatening.

    In all cases it is important that you continue to see your GP for regular reviews of your Ventolin inhaler use at least once a year.

    Need asthma treatment?

    View our asthma clinic

    What are the side effects of Ventolin?

    Most patients do not experience side effects from Ventolin, however you may experience a racing heartbeat, lightheadedness, headaches or a slight tremor or shakes. Any side effects should not last more than an hour.

    If you have a heart condition and experience chest pain or other symptoms of heart disease (feeling faint, palpitations or dizziness) whilst using Ventolin, you should seek medical advice right away.

    For a full list of side effects please take time to read the manufacturer’s product information leaflet that accompanies your medicine.

    Will Ventolin interact with other medicines?

    If you start taking any new medicines while using Ventolin then please seek guidance from us via your Patient Record. Alternatively your GP or the doctor who prescribes a new medicine for you should be able to give you guidance.

    Are there other types of reliever inhaler?

    Ventolin is just one brand of reliever inhaler. Others that contain salbutamol (like Ventolin) include Asmasal and Salamol, while Bricanyl has the active ingredient terbutaline (a bronchodilator that functions in a similar way to salbutamol).

    Our asthma clinic currently only stocks Ventolin, as it is the best known and most widely prescribed reliever inhaler.

    How we can help

    If you have been previously prescribed Ventolin or any of the preventer inhalers we stock, you can order further inhalers from our website. Click here to visit our asthma clinic and make an order.

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