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Loestrin 20

Loestrin 20 contraceptive pill picture
  • Contains a low dose of oestrogen
  • 99% effective (if taken as prescribed)
  • Easy and convenient to take

Loestrin 20

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"Loestrin 20 is an effective means of contraception."

"Loestrin 20 is a low oestrogen combined contraceptive pill."

Dr Gigi Taguri

About Low Dose Pills

The low dose pill is a combined contraceptive containing progesterone and oestrogen. It contains a smaller amount of oestrogen than a regular combined contraceptive pill. Reducing the oestrogen means that some side effects, such as breast tenderness, can be lessened. Low dose pills have a higher rate of irregular bleeding than the regular pill, so are not suitable for everyone. They are more often used by older women, though they can be tried by everyone.

The low dose pill is taken every day. Some brands have a monthly break but some do not. Taken as prescribed, it should provide protection in 99% of cases.

How the low dose pill works

Once ingested, the hormones are absorbed and stop eggs from being released and fertilised.

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