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    How to use NuvaRing

    Most women choose to wear the ring for 3 weeks, then take a 1-week break. Exactly 1 week after the day of removal, insert a new ring. Make a note of the day and time you removed it - try to insert the new one at the same time, on the same day, one week later.

    To insert the ring, press the opposite sides together, making an oval. Push the ring into the vagina until it feels comfortable. Remove the ring by hooking a finger under the ring and pulling it out.

    Nuvaring can also be taken as follows:

    • Extended use: 1 ring every 3 weeks for 9 weeks (3 rings in total) then no ring for the next 4 or 7 days.
    • Continuous use: 1 ring every 3 weeks with no break.

    How does NuvaRing work?

    NuvaRing is a type of contraceptive vaginal ring. The vaginal ring is a small, flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina for 3 weeks, followed by a 1-week break. In this time it will provide a slow, controlled release of hormones. It does not need to stay in a particular position (as long as it remains in the vagina), and it should allow you to use tampons and have sex without complication.

    How effective is NuvaRing?

    NuvaRing is approximately 99% effective.

    Its effectiveness is dependent upon correct usage, and on your NuvaRing staying in place in the vagina. While it doesn't need to be in a particular position, one of the main concerns of its users, and as such women should always be aware of its positioning, and check regularly that it has remained in place.

    What are the side effects of NuvaRing?

    Most women experience no side effects. However, irritation of the skin, discharge, mood swings, irregular bleeding, and breast discomfort have been reported. Rarely, some women develop blood clots. This contraceptive carries a slightly higher risk of blood clots than others. If you have any concerns, send us a message via your Patient Record.

    For full information on side effects and correct use, see the patient information leaflet. If any side effects concern you, contact us via your Patient Record.

    NuvaRing FAQs

    What if I can't take it out?

    If you can’t take the NuvaRing out, you have any bleeding or pain, please see your GP or nurse as soon as possible. 

    Is NuvaRing safe to use whilst breastfeeding?

    If your baby is under 6 weeks and you’re breastfeeding, it’s not advised to use the vaginal ring as it can sometimes reduce the flow of breastmilk. 

    Using the vaginal ring after pregnancy

    If you’re not breastfeeding, you can start using the vaginal ring 21 days after birth and you will be protected from pregnancy straight away. You will need to use extra contraception if you start using the vaginal ring more than 21 days after birth. 

    Can NuvaRing stop periods?

    You have to change the NuvaRing every 21 days. If you switch to a new ring within 3 hours of taking the old ring out you may just have some spotting instead of a period. If you don’t change it within 3 hours, you can leave it out for 7 days and you will have a period-type bleed. 

    Can I buy NuvaRing online?

    You can request and pay for a NuvaRing prescription online. As this pill is a prescription-only medication, even if you are using an online service, you will need a prescription from a clinician before you can buy the treatment.

    With all combined contraceptives, we will need to know your height, weight and blood pressure to prescribe safely. You can fill this out during the consultation. If you don’t know your blood pressure, don’t worry, you can have this checked in your local LloydsPharmacy.  

    Important information about NuvaRing

    If you’ve already bought your pill from us, you can request a further 3-month supply from your Patient Record, if you're medically suitable. If you want to change your pill, please send us a message via your Patient Record.

    Combined contraceptives can cause your blood pressure to rise, which can be dangerous. Your blood pressure needs checking before starting any combined contraceptive, then once a year after that. If you’ve had your blood pressure checked recently, or checked it yourself using a home blood pressure monitor, you can give us this information as part of your consultation. Alternatively, you can have these checked when you pick up your prescription in your local LloydsPharmacy.  

    Safety: taking other medicines

    You should be able to use NuvaRing alongside other medicines. However, it is important that you let us know which prescription, over-the-counter medicines and recreational drugs you are taking so that we can prescribe NuvaRing safely.

    Alternative treatments

    We offer a range of contraceptives, including Evra Patch, combined pills, low-dose pills and mini pills. View all our contraception options.

    Condoms are an effective form of contraception and protect against STIs.

    There are also long-acting contraceptives available through your GP or family planning clinic, including implants, the coil and injectable contraception.


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