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    How to remember to take your contraceptive pill

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      Even the best of us forget sometimes. Try these tips to help you remember and stay on top of your contraception.

      1. Take your pill at the same time every day

      Create a routine like taking the pill every time you brush your teeth.

      2. Set an alarm

      To be extra safe, set an alarm on a clock or phone.

      3. Be clear on what to do if you miss the pill

      Many women forget and believe they can make up for it by crossing their fingers. Read the patient leaflet about what to do, and if you’re not sure, ask a doctor.

      4. Create visual reminders

      If you take the pill in the morning stick a post-it on your door so you have to see it. If you take it at night then stick a label on your toothbrush or bedside table. After a while the image of those items will be enough and you can ditch the labels.

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      5. Routine, routine, routine

      Find something that you do without fail every day. It could be your morning coffee or a TV show. Just make sure you have your pills on you or in a convenient place.

      When should I take my pill if I’m on holiday or in a different time zone?

      For the best results, oral contraceptives should be taken at the same time each day, so if you’re travelling abroad it’s best to keep your pill schedule the same as at home. For example if you take your pill at 10am, and you travel to Greece (which is 2 hours ahead of the UK), it’s advised to take your pill at midday Greece time. 


      If you just keep forgetting, then perhaps the pill isn’t right for you. Long Acting Contraceptives or 'LARCs' all avoid the need to remember on a daily basis. LARCs include the implant, the injection and the IUD or 'coil'. For more information on these contraceptives please consult your GP or read our articles, long-term hormonal contraception methods and non-hormonal contraception methods.

      Alternatively, if you’re happy with the pill but you just need to apply a few of the tips above to remember to take it, then don’t forget you can order your pill online from our contraceptive pill clinic.

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