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Eloine contraception
  • Eloine is 99% effective if taken as prescribed
  • Contains a lower dose of oestrogen than the regular combined pill
  • Eloine is an identical drug to Yaz


"Eloine is a highly effective low dose contraceptive pill, which means that it contains less oestrogen than the regular combined pill." 

"Eloine is an identical drug to Yaz, and is over 99% effective when taken as prescribed."

Dr Gigi Taguri

About Eloine

Eloine is a low dose combined contraceptive pill containing progesterone and oestrogen. It contains less oestrogen than a regular combined contraceptive pill, meaning that the risk of some of the potential side effects like bloating, nausea and headaches is reduced.

Low dose pills have a higher rate of irregular bleeding than the regular combined pill. They are more often used by older women, though they can be tried by everyone.

How to take Eloine

Eloine should be taken daily. Taken as prescribed, it should provide protection in 99% of cases.

How Eloine works

When Eloine is ingested, the hormones progesterone and oestrogen are absorbed. These stop eggs from being released (ovulation) and from being fertilised.

Eloine Alternatives

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