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Evra contraceptive patch
  • Applied weekly
  • Unaffected by illness
  • Very reliable


"The Evra Patch contains the hormones progesterone and oestrogen, and works in a similar way to the NuvaRing and other contraceptive pills."

"The Evra Patch is a contraceptive patch which is worn on the skin." 

Dr Gigi Taguri

About the Evra Patch

What is the Evra Patch?

The Evra Patch is a contraceptive patch used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

The Evra Patch is a hormone-releasing patch which sticks to the skin. The patch is approximately two inches by two inches, and should be placed on a clean, hairless, and dry area of skin so that the synthetic oestrogen and progesterone it contains can be easily absorbed into the body. Unlike certain other contraceptive methods, the absorption of hormones through the patch will not be affected by stomach upsets.

How quickly does the Evra Patch take effect?

So long as you start it on the first day of your period, it is immediately effective. To optimise its effectiveness and ensure successful transfer of hormones, you should place it on a clean, hairless, dry patch of skin and be careful not to accidentally remove it.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative Contraceptives

As well as the Evra Patch, we have a number of alternative contraceptives:


Other Treatments

There are other long acting contraceptives available. These include implants, the coil and injection therapy.

Your local GP or family planning clinic could give you further information about these and others.

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