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Contraception: pills, patch & ring

The contraceptive pill changes the body's hormonal balance and prevents pregnancy. We offer the combined pill, low dose pill, and mini pill/progestogen-only pill, as well as rings and patches.

Types of Contraceptive Pill

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    Combined Pills

    Combined contraceptive pills contain synthetic versions of the hormones progesterone and oestrogen. They stop ovulation and prevent the fertilisation of the egg by the sperm.

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    Low Dose Pills

    The low dose contraceptive pill is just like the combined pill, but with less oestrogen. They can often be tried if regular contraceptive pills cause unwanted side effects.

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    Mini Pills

    The mini pill (also known as the Progesterone-Only Pill) contains just progesterone which acts as contraception by stopping fertilisation. It is generally used when oestrogen is not suitable.

Other contraceptive methods

About the Contraceptive Pill

The contraceptive pill refers to a type of pill containing synthetic versions of oestrogen and progesterone, which help stop unwanted pregnancies by controlling ovulation, and stopping eggs from being fertilised. Contraceptive rings and contraceptive patches work in a similar way but release these hormones in different ways.

"The Pill" (as it is commonly known) is a widely used form of contraception. With many types of pill available, containing different amounts and varieties of hormones, our doctors are able to guide and recommend the pill best suited to each patient’s needs.

How contraceptive pills work

All contraceptive pills (as well as the patch and vaginal ring) transfer synthetic hormones (progesterone and oestrogen) into the body. This helps to control ovulation and reduce the chance of an egg being fertilised by sperm, thereby stopping unwanted pregnancies.

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