Co-cyprindiol and Duac gel acne treatment
  • Combination of oral contraceptive and Duac (3%, 1%) branded gel
  • Kills bacteria and breaks down blackheads
  • Suitable for women only

Co-cyprindiol and Duac gel

Combining the contraceptive pill and a topical gel can be an effective treatment for women with mild to moderate acne, treating the cause and appearance of acne.

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Co-cyprindiol and Duac gel acne treatment
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  • Combination of oral contraceptive and Duac (3%, 1%) branded gel
  • Kills bacteria and breaks down blackheads
  • Suitable for women only

Generic or branded treatments?

Some treatments contain the same active ingredient but are sold under different names. If the active ingredient and the dosage are the same, the treatments will have the same effect and work in the same way. 

Generic Branded
Same active ingredient
Works in the same way
Often less expensive

What our patients say

What are Co-cyprindiol and Duac gel?

  • How do I take Co-cyprindiol and apply Duac gel?

    As Co-cyprindiol (widely known as Dianette or Clairette) is a contraceptive pill, it is best to start in on the first day of your period, take it for 21 days consecutively and then have a 7-day break. Co-cyprindiol will act as a contraceptive when taken at the same time each day and in this manner.

    Duac gel should be applied in a thin layer across the affected area each evening. It should not be applied to any broken, irritated or sunburnt skin.

  • How will this combination treatment for acne work?

    Co-cyprindiol works to combat hormonal acne, it blocks the hormones that cause acne and therefore stops the formation of acne.

    Duac gel has 2 active ingredients – clindamycin phosphate (1%) and Benzoyl Peroxide (3%). These two ingredients work to kill bacteria that cause acne as well as break down blackheads and whiteheads. In turn Duac gel reduces inflammation and redness often associated with acne.

  • Will Co-cyprindiol and Duac gel be effective?

    This combination package of acne treatment will work to combat acne from different angles. The pairing of these two medications will be most effective for women who experience acne characterised by pustules, which are white-tipped red spots.
    It may take 4 to 12 weeks before you start to see a difference in your condition, so it is worth persevering with the course of acne treatment.

  • Are there any side effects to Co-cyprindiol or Duac gel?

    There are a few common side effects that people who use Duac gel may experience, these include a mild burning sensation, redness, dryness and peeling skin. Like all products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, this gel will make you more sensitive to sunlight, so you need to make sure you have an appropriate SPF.

    Co-cyprindiol may cause some side effects in some women including changing moods, changing weight, headaches, nausea and sore breasts.

    For full information on side effects and correct use, see the Co-cyprindiol and Duac gel patient information leaflets.

  • Is it safe to use these medications during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

    Neither medication should be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

  • Will this treatment interact with other medication?

    Duac gel should not be used in combination with any products that contain the antibiotic erythromycin or tretinoin, isotretinoin or tazarotene.

    Other medications may interfere with the effectiveness of Co-cyprindiol and its ability to protect against pregnancy. You should tell us about any other medications you are taking to ensure we prescribe safely the most suitable acne treatment.

  • Alternative treatments for acne

    Instead of the contraceptive pill Co-cyprindiol, you could be prescribed oral antibiotics to treat your acne alongside a topical gel or cream. Topical medications could also be prescribed alone.

  • Reordering treatment

    We will contact you through your Patient Record 6 weeks from your order to see how you are getting on with the medication. We may ask for some photos at this time as well to assess the response to treatment. It will also be an opportunity for you to give us feedback on your acne. To reorder your treatment, go to your Patient Record and select ‘reorder’. You will be required to fill in the online questionnaire each time you reorder.

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