Asthma Inhalers - Ventolin

Ventolin Evohaler

Ventolin Evohaler is the trade name of a prescription only medicine (its scientific name is salbutamol). It is a reliever inhaler sometimes referred to as the ‘blue inhaler’.

How does the Ventolin Evohaler work?

Ventolin works by opening up the airways in your chest to allow you to breathe more easily. It stops symptoms of wheezing and breathlessness. It is often used in combination with other preventer inhalers or tablets.

How to use your Ventolin Evohaler

You should continue to use your Ventolin inhaler as advised by your regular doctor. If you are uncertain about the correct inhaler technique you can ask your local pharmacist to demonstrate it to you.

Effectiveness of Ventolin

Ventolin is very effective at relieving the symptoms of wheeze and breathlessness. Be prepared to use your Ventolin inhaler in advance of known triggers such as exercise. Make sure you take it on holiday with you.

Symptom control

If you have asthma and regularly need to use your Ventolin inhaler more than twice a week, at night time or during activity, this indicates that your symptoms are not well controlled. It may be that you require stronger or additional inhalers and so we advise you to discuss this with your regular doctor as soon as possible.

If you are taking Ventolin for other lung conditions such as COPD then you are likely to use it more frequently and this is fine.

If your breathlessness is severe please call 999 and attend your local Accident and Emergency Department straight away.

In all cases it is important that you continue to see your GP for regular reviews of your Ventolin inhaler use at least once a year.

Possible side effects of Ventolin

Most patients do not experience side effects from Ventolin, however you may experience a racing heartbeat, light-headedness, headaches, muscle cramps or a slight tremor or shakes. Any side effects should not last more than an hour.

If you have heart problems and experience chest pain or other symptoms of worsening heart disease whilst using Ventolin then you should seek medical advice right away.

For a full list of side effects please take time to read the manufacturer’s product information leaflet that accompanies your medicine.

Interaction with other medicines

If you start taking any new medicines while using Ventolin then please seek guidance from us via this online patient record. Alternatively your GP or the doctor who prescribes a new medicine for you should be able to give you guidance.