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    ID check help & FAQs

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      Why do I need an ID Check?

      This is a new regulation requiring online healthcare providers to verify a patient's identity when requesting certain treatments. It's designed to keep you, the patient, safe and secure.

      We need to verify that you are the person who receives that medicine. The ID check prevents anyone using someone else’s information to obtain medicines.

      What do I need to do?

      See ID Check with LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor for a step-by-step explanation.

      ID check is currently only required if you request treatment for:

      • Weight loss
      • Asthma
      • Cystitis
      • VideoGP

      Your ID will only be checked if necessary.

      Will the ID check affect my credit score?

      No. This is a ‘soft’ ID check for verification only. Your credit score will be unaffected.

      Has my ID been verified?

      If you have done an ID check, you can see your status in your Patient Record.

      A new section will appear in Your Details with the status of the check:

      Successful – you don’t need to do anything else

      Pending – we’re waiting for a response from our system or an in-store colleague

      Unsuccessful – we will send you a message in your Patient Record with next steps

      What kind of photo ID can I use?

      You will need your original photo ID. It must be in date, Copies and scans will not be accepted.

      We can only accept:

      • Passport
      • Driving Licence (full or provisional)
      • National Identity Card
      • International versions of the above

      I’m not a UK citizen, can I still use the service?

      If you’re over 18 and registered at a UK billing address, you can use our service.

      International Passports and National Identity Cards can be used for photo ID check.

      I don’t have a valid ID

      Unfortunately, you will not be able to use our service to order weight loss treatment. You may still use our service for other treatments.

      Your local LloydsPharmacy store, GP surgery, sexual health centre or NHS walk-in clinic may be able to help you. For urgent medical assistance, call NHS 111.

      I don’t have my ID with me right now

      Your basket will be saved. Simply log in again when you have your ID and follow the prompts.

      Alternatively, select in-store ID check and complete your order. On collection, bring your valid photo ID to be checked.

      Can I use a copy or scan of my photo ID?

      No. For online ID check, you must take a picture of your original ID and upload it. Taking a picture of a copy or scan will cause your check to fail.

      For in-store photo ID check, you must present the original document. A copy or scan will not be accepted.

      Can I wear my religious headwear in my selfie?

      As long as your face is not obscured, covering your head or hair will not affect ID verification. The system matches points on your face with points on your photo ID.

      Why might my address check fail?

      The system checks your name and date of birth against several address databases.

      The check may fail if:

      • You have entered the address incorrectly – check your spelling
      • You have recently changed your name but not notified your bank or utility companies
      • You have recently moved and not notified your bank or utility companies
      • The name or address do not match the information in your Patient Record

      If you need to update your name, date of birth or address, call Customer Services on 020 7989 9888.

      Why might my online photo ID check fail?

      The system checks multiple points on the photo of your face against multiple points on your photo ID. It also checks the validity of the photo ID. The check may fail if:

      The photo of your face isn’t clear:

      • Your face is obscured by hair, or glasses
      • You have had an injury or surgery that has significantly changed the shape of your face
      • You are not looking straight ahead with a neutral expression
      • (Tips on-screen will guide you to take an acceptable photo)

      Your photo ID is not acceptable or valid:

      • The photo ID has expired
      • The photo ID is deemed to be fake or fraudulent
      • The photo ID is not yours and does not show a picture of you

      If your ID check is unsuccessful, you’ll receive a message in your Patient Record with information and next steps.

      Why might my in-store photo ID check fail?

      Our pharmacy colleagues are trained in physical likeness comparison. They may not be able to verify your ID if:

      • You are presenting a patient’s ID on their behalf
      • It is not yours or the photo does not bear a physical likeness of you
      • The original document is not presented (scans and photos are not valid)
      • The photo ID has expired
      • The photo ID is damaged or appears to be fraudulent

      If you believe an error has occurred, please contact Customer Services 020 7989 9888.

      Where will my data and images be stored?

      The images of your face and photo ID will be stored on secure servers. They will not be stored for longer than 15 days. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

      Who does the ID check?

      Our online ID check is powered by Onfido.

      In-store, your photo ID and address will be checked by a trained pharmacy colleague.

      For support with your ID check online or in-store, contact Customer Services on 020 7989 9888.

      LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

      This service operates in the United Kingdom only

      LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

      This service operates in the United Kingdom only

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