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Trimethoprim is an antibiotic tablet that can be used to effectively clear up the bacterial infection which causes cystitis. It is available for collection from any of our 1,800 LloydsPharmacy stores.

  • Taken for 3 days
  • Very effective at treating ongoing symptoms of cystitis

Trimethoprim is only available via collection in store.

Trimethoprim is a widely used treatment for ongoing symptoms of cystitis.
Dr Gigi Taguri

Key Information

The medicine


Taking Trimethoprim

One tablet twice a day for three days.

How it works

Trimethoprim is an antibiotic that attacks the bacteria causing the infection in your bladder. It might be needed if your cystitis symptoms do not clear on their own after a few days.


Very effective at treating the bacterial causes of cystitis.

Side effects

Can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or an allergic rash.


Trimethoprim is available for collection only. 

Taking Trimethoprim

If you currently have cystitis our doctors can prescribe a course of Trimethoprim to be taken immediately. You can pick up the medicine from one of our pharmacies the same day your order it.

You will take one tablet twice a day. After a couple of days, the bacterial infection in your bladder should clear up. If it does not, you should consult a doctor.

Does Trimethoprim treat the underlying causes of cystitis?

Yes. Trimethoprim is an antibiotic that kills the bacteria causing the infection in your bladder. Trimethoprim cannot permanently prevent future infections, however, it only treats infections when they occur.

Alternative Treatments

Our clinic does not offer any alternative treatments for cystitis. However, if your cystitis is only mild, you may find it clears up on its own after a few days. To help this process along, you should drink plenty of water, take over-the-counter painkillers to help with the discomfort and refrain from sexual intercourse.