We are experiencing a significant increase in demand for our COVID-19 tests and our partner lab is working hard to send out test kits and process results as quickly as possible. If you are waiting for test results and have a question, please message our team in your patient record. Click here for info about COVID-19 swab tests. 

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) fit for travel certificates

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      COVID-19 travel regulations

      The COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving within the UK and abroad. If you’re planning a holiday this year, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest travel information on the government website to ensure the area you wish to travel to is accepting tourists.

      Local measures are in place across the globe, meaning the holiday destination you have chosen may require you to self-isolate upon arrival or enter a lockdown during your stay. See the government’s foreign travel advice for further information. 

      What is a COVID-19 travel certificate?

      Some countries may require proof upon arrival of a recent COVID-19 test result in the form of a travel certificate. Failure to provide proof may mean you’ll be unable to enter the country. A COVID-19 travel certificate is an official document that details the results of a recent COVID-19 swab test, sometimes called a COVID-19 PCR test.  These tests work by detecting if the virus is currently in your system (they are not able to tell you if you’ve been infected in the past). These certificates are designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, by ensuring that only travellers who are unlikely to be carrying the infection are accepted into the country. To find out which countries require proof upon entry, visit the foreign travel advice page.

      Where can I get a fit for travel COVID-19 certificate?

      COVID-19 testing for the purposes of international travel is not currently available on the NHS. If you require proof of your results you’ll need to purchase a COVID-19 swab test privately. You can do this through Online Doctor and you'll have access to a downloadable copy of your results as soon as they're ready. 

      If your travel is for work purposes, you’ll need to organise a test through your employer. 

      What happens if I forget my COVID-19 travel certificate?

      If you forget your COVID-19 travel certificate, you may be asked to turn around at the airport. It’s important to ensure you have all documents required to enter the country you wish to travel to.

      Other travel recommendations 

      Here are some other things to consider before you travel:

      • Sign up for email notifications from the government’s travel advice page so you don’t miss any of the latest updates.
      • Ensure you’re travelling with enough face masks, as these are now mandatory on most forms of public transport. 
      • Bring yourself up to speed with the safer air travel guidance for passengers before you leave so that you know what to expect when you reach the airport.
      • Prepare for the unexpected and purchase travel insurance.
      • It’s important to take care of your mental wellbeing during this time. Stay in touch with friends and family throughout your holiday, especially if you need to self-isolate upon arrival or during your stay. 

      Updated 4th September 2020 - we recommend the COVID-19 pages on the NHS website for more up to date information.

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