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Jet lag treatment

Jet Lag Remedies

Purchase tablets to minimise the effects of jet-lag from this clinic overseen by UK registered doctors. 

Jet lag pills - £29.99

Dr Tom Brett

Dr Tom Brett says...

The quicker you overcome jet lag the quicker you can make the most of your time abroad.

If you're flying across three or more time zones, our jet lag treatment can help your body clock adjust and overcome jet lag.

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The medicine
A tablet form of a hormone that's produced naturally in the brain.  
How to take it
One tablet before bedtime for two to four days on arrival at your destination.
There's no conclusive evidence that this jet lag treatment works, but the evidence seems to suggest that it can work if you're flying across many time zones.
Uncommon, but can include nausea, diarrhoea, headache, sore throat, stomach or back pain.
Licensing The medicine is licensed to treat insomnia but is not licensed in the UK to treat jetlag.
Alternative jet lag treatments Your body will naturally adjust to a new time zone. This medicine simply accelerates this process.
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