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    We've partnered up with Time to Raise It

    We hope to encourage open and honest discussion about erection problems
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    1. Raising the issue about raising it
    2. Did lockdown affect our sex lives?
    3. EPs are not just an age issue
    4. Conclusion

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    LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor is delighted to announce our partnership with Time to Raise It. This campaign aims to raise awareness about erection problems (EPs) by creating open and honest discussion around erection problems (EPs) also referred to as erectile dysfunction.

    In the UK, an estimated five million men currently experience EPs and a significant amount are in their 20s-30s. Time to Raise It is breaking the stigma and shame around EPs by promoting the fact that anyone can experience them at any time in their lives.

    EPs are still a taboo subject in the UK. There is a stigma that EPs are an older man’s problem, as opposed to an extremely common problem for men of all ages. This stigma means that many men suffering from EPs are not discussing the issue with anyone, not even their partner. To remove the stigma we need to encourage more open and honest conversations within relationships. 

    Raising the issue about raising it

    Time to Raise It surveyed over 5,000 UK adults about their experience with EPs. Participants were asked if they have ever spoken with anyone about not being able to get or maintain an erection. 

    Answers revealed that less than half of men (46%) open up to their partner about EPs. Participants were asked why they do not speak about EP’s, and these were the most popular responses:

    • 17% - “We don’t need to speak about it, they know it’s a problem.”
    • 14% - “I’d rather deal with it on my own.”
    • 13% - “I can’t/couldn’t find the words to explain what was going on.”
    • 12% - “This isn’t something that people tend to speak about.”

    And it is not just men… over a third of women (34%) wouldn’t speak to their partners if they noticed EPs, and the most popular reasons were; 

    • 28% - “I didn’t want to put pressure on him.” 
    • 27% - “I didn’t want to make the problem worse.” 
    • 21% - “I worried he might get embarrassed.” 
    • 20% - “I didn’t want to worry him.”

    The problem with erection problems is that people don’t want to talk about the issues they are facing. To find solutions, we need to encourage more open conversations in relationships. It’s time to raise the issue about raising it - if you’ve got a problem with your penis, it’s best to talk about it with someone you trust.

    Did lockdown affect our sex lives?

    Lockdown was a major factor for many people experiencing EPs. Nationwide uncertainty over lockdown caused average stress levels to increase and stress is an important factor in people's physiology. It is only natural that a lot of people find it difficult to perform when under stress, so beating yourself up over EPs doesn’t help the cause - it only further worsens the issue.

    According to the data collected during the pandemic, approximately 1 in 3 men (30%) currently or occasionally experienced EPs. 

    Notably, a previous survey conducted before the pandemic showed that 1 in 4 experienced EPs. This goes a long way to demonstrate just how much higher levels of stress and uncertainty can affect more than just our mental health.

    EPs are not just an age issue

    Anyone at any age can suffer from EPs. Looking at the data, men aged 25-44 experience EP just as much as those aged 50+. 

    Age% Experiencing EPs

    Men aged 25-34 are only 4% less likely to suffer from EPs than men aged 65-74. We want to make people realise that EPs aren’t something that simply arrive with your pension. Age doesn’t matter. EPs can happen to anyone. And they can be especially prevalent in young men.


    LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor and Time to Raise It hope this information helps to make EPs a less taboo subject in public discourse.

    The negative stigma attached to EPs is dated. Not discussing a health issue - either with your partner or a qualified medical professional - can have adverse effects on your mental and physical health if not taken care of.

    It is time to raise the issue about the issue of raising it.

    Lockdown Sex Trends Survey commissioned by BWC for Time to Raise It: N=2500 UK participants. April 2021
    Opinium - Viagra  Connect: Let’s Get Intimate survey (sample: 5,007 adults in the United Kingdom over age 18 – weighted to be nationally representative). June 2020. Survey commissioned by Upjohn

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