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Rabies Vaccine

Travel Vaccine

The rabies vaccine is administered in three doses over a month. It is recommended to travellers to high-risk countries, particularly those areas that have limited access to good healthcare. 

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Key Features
  • 3 injections over a month
  • Medical treatment still required if you get bitten or scratched by an animal
  • Booster vaccine recommended for people at continued risk
If you haven’t been vaccinated and you get bitten or scratched, you will need emergency treatment which can be very hard to get hold of.
Dr Gigi Taguri

Unsure what you need?

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Key Information

How the vaccine works

This vaccine consists of three injections delivered over the course of a month into the upper arm. The vaccine contains small amounts of a modified (inactive) form of the rabies virus. Your body responds by producing antibodies to fight the infection. The vaccine will not give you rabies.

Side effects

The most common side effect of the rabies vaccine is soreness at the injection site. Some people also find they have a headache, feel sick, or have muscle pain or diarrhoea. Most people are not troubled by side effects from this vaccine.

Risk of severe allergic reaction

All LloydsPharmacy staff who provide this service are trained to manage anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine. Symptoms of anaphylaxis can include fainting, shortness of breath, falling blood pressure and swelling of the face and neck. Anaphylaxis is extremely rare and typically happens within ten minutes of receiving the injection.

How do I receive the vaccination?

When you order the vaccine, you can select which LloydsPharmacy store to receive your vaccine at. After a doctor has approved your order, you can call up your chosen pharmacy and book appointments to receive your injections from a trained medical professional.

What is rabies?

Rabies is a very serious viral infection that is nearly always fatal. In humans, rabies commonly leads to hyperactive and aggressive behaviour, hydrophobia (fear of water), hallucinations, coma and death.

How is rabies spread?

Rabies is spread by the saliva or tissue of an infected animal, and most commonly people contract the virus from the bite or scratch of a dog, monkey or bat - although other animals can carry and transmit the virus. Once infected, rabies travels along your nerves to your brain and spine at a relatively slow rate meaning that if you are bitten or scratched there is usually time to seek emergency treatment before it reaches your central nervous system.

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