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Travel Health Information

Learn more about travel medicines such as malaria tablets by reading the articles below. They are all written by our team of NHS experienced clinicians.

Mosquito on a human arm
What Are Malaria Tablets And How Can They Help Me?
Malaria Tablets - White Pills
Malaria Tablets Comparison
Mosquito on a human arm
Information On Yellow Fever
Woman with fever lies in bed
Symptoms Of Malaria
Backpacking woman drinking bottled water
Information On Travellers' Diarrhoea
Two monkeys sitting on a roof
What Is Rabies And How To Treat It Immediately
Woman applying insect repellent
How To Prevent Mosquito Bites
Mountain climbers camping high altitude
What Is Altitude Sickness?
Close-up of mosquito biting human skin
An In Depth Guide To Malaria
Close-up of a woman's arm being injected with vaccine
What Is The Meningitis B Travel Vaccination?
Little boy being vaccinated by a female clinician
What Is The Meningitis C Travel Vaccination?
Visualisation of the meningitis bacteria
Viral Meningitis vs Bacterial Meningitis